Millennium Beanie

Millennium Beanie

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Millennium Beanie: Unveil the cool vibes with Anime Storm's Millennium Beanie, bringing a touch of mystery to your style. Made from comfy 100% cotton, this beanie is your cozy companion for chilly days.

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play your cards right! Dive into nostalgia and happy memories with the embroidered Millennium Eye, adding that extra aura to your look. Get ready to channel the ancient Yu-Gi-Oh magic and turn heads wherever you go. Remember the good ol' days of dueling in Yu-Gi-Oh? Well, our Millennium Beanie is a nod to those epic battles. The embroidered eye is a subtle throwback to the powerful Millennium Items from the series. Now, you can carry a piece of that magic with you. The khaki hue is inspired by the earthy tones of the original show, and the cozy cotton brings the comfort of Yugi's grandpa's game shop right to your noggin. So, get ready to duel the cold in style!