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פד לעכבר (XL) - וואן פיס

פד לעכבר (XL) - וואן פיס

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מתוך קולקציית גיימינג חדשה:

וואן פיס - האחים

הצבעים העזים לא יכלו להדגיש מספיק את החיבור הלוהט בין השלישייה!

זה לא במקרה שגם לאייס וגם סאבו יש את אותו פרי, אבל רק אחד יכול להחזיק את פרי השטן האגדי "גומו - גומו".

ס״מ 80 * ס״מ 30

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Every stroke of color and intricate detail on this pad is a testament to the unshakable friendship and shared destiny that unite these three characters. As you place your deck or cards on this pad, you're inviting the legacy of Luffy, Ace, and Sabo to become part of your own journey.

The heart of this design resonates with the essence of brotherhood. Luffy, Ace, and Sabo's paths intertwined as they supported and protected one another like true brothers. Beyond the colorful imagery, this pad embodies the courage to stand against adversity, the loyalty that crosses boundaries, and the enduring love that shapes their characters.

Luffy and Sabo continue to carry on Ace's spirit in their own unique ways. Sabo, with Ace's devil fruit, serves as a living embodiment of his brother's legacy, a symbol of unfulfilled dreams. The One Piece-Inspired Pad stands as a tribute to this bond—a bond that remains steadfast, even in the face of challenges and time itself.

Celebrate the brotherly love that transcends worlds with the One Piece-Inspired Pad, a reminder that some bonds are destined to shape the very fabric of our stories.


  • Smooth fabric surface: Engineered for swift mouse movement while maintaining precise SPEED and CONTROL, whether for gaming or work. This versatile mouse pad suits all purposes.
  • Anti-slip rubber base: The rubber base ensures a strong grip, preventing the pad from sliding on your desk and keeping your mouse steady.
  • Durable stitched edges: Anti-fray stitching enhances the lifespan of this cloth mouse pad while adding an aesthetic touch, making it a perfect addition to any workspace.
  • Machine Washable: Easily keep your desk and mouse pad clean with machine washing.


(cm): 80x30

(inch): 31.5x11.8

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